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Glossier You: The Review

*If we convince you to make a purchase, you can shop and save through this link*

Now, without further ado: the review.

Where do I even begin? Glossier stole my heart the very first time I ever tried Boy Brow, and we’ve had an ongoing love affair since then. The paired-down brand delivers only the essentials to suit all of your cool-girl beauty needs.

They started out with some basic skincare items and have since added makeup and now even body items such as a body wash, lotion AND one very special new item — their first-ever fragrance.

The scent is simply titled Glossier You. It’s meant to become your signature scent, mainly because it smells like, well…you. But better.

Glossier You, $60 (save 10% with Augusta's link), Glossier

In fact, you’re actually a key ingredient in this fragrance. According to Glossier founder Emily Weiss, “It’s not a closed loop. This is not a finished product. It needs you. It’s the ultimate personal fragrance,” she writes for Into The Gloss.

According to the product description, the scent is made up of mostly base notes because those stay close to the skin and last longer. Weiss asks you to imagine the feeling of a sweater after you’ve worn it all day. It’s stretched in all of the right places and fits you better the longer you wear it. Now — imagine that feeling in a scent.

I wouldn’t say that I personally have a signature scent, although there are certain scents that I’m drawn to. Nothing too over the top or fruity. I’m much more of a floral and subtle kind of gal.

And if I had to describe Glossier You, I’d describe it as subtle. It’s comfortable. Lived in. Inviting. But definitely not an “in your face” kind of scent.

I’d say that the musk notes are definitely the most obvious when spritzed on my skin, but I truly believe this will be different for everyone. I say that because the sample vial I received with my latest Glossier order also came with a scratch and sniff sticker (gotta love Glossier’s cool packaging and attention to detail!) But, the scent smelled differently when I wore it than it did on the sticker, which makes me believe it will be slightly different and personal for everyone.

That’s what’s so great about Glossier — it makes beauty feel like it’s supposed to: individualized, unique.

The best way I can describe what Glossier You smells like — it reminds me of an old tube of lipstick. One of the ones that’s nearly entirely gone, but so good that I started scraping out the last bit of the tube before restocking. So good I had to use it to the last drop, so to speak. That’s what Glossier You smells like to me.

The best part, however, is that it will smell entirely different for you.

Interested in making a purchase? Shop through Augusta’s link and save 10% and get free shipping when you make Glossier You your signature scent.

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L&L Originals (2); Courtesy Glossier (1)

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