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Get Your Celeb-Status Glow On With These Highlighters

Rihanna just came out with her own makeup line and Beyonce and Kim K nearly broke the Internet when they posted Instagrams showing off their blinding highlights. So, if there ever were a time to want to glow like a celebrity — it’s right about now.

Kim Kardashian shared how she got her highlight — it’s courtesy of her personal beauty brand, of course — so, we know exactly how to get our cheek bones to shine as brightly as hers. But, whether you shop that exact product or some of the ones we’ve rounded up below — they’ll be no hiding your glow!

From products such as ColourPop’s Super Shock Highlighters to items from Bad Gal RiRi’s Fenty Beauty brand, there’s no better way to shine all season long. Summer may have come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that beaming highlight has to go away for the upcoming winter.

Because just like these celebrities, you’re about to bring on the bling!

That silver highlight just won't quit. Shop some similar shininess down below!

This natural-looking glow that just don't quit can be found by shopping KKW's brand.

And if you're looking to cop RiRi's stunning shine, all you have to do is shop her newly launched Fenty Beauty brand.

1. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

This is sure to give you a Rihanna-level glow. It's from her Fenty Beauty line, so there's no way you'd be disappointed with this 2-in-1 product. These shades will give you the perfect warm color you need to keep up with the rest of your fall makeup routine.

2. Super Shock Cheek

Super Shock Cheek in Flexitarian, $8, ColourPop Cosmetics

A highlight like this will have you straight flexin'. This has a silver-y payoff that will give you that Bey glow in no time. We personally own this product, so you can take our word for it!

3. Powder Contour & Highlight Kit

According to Kim K's Instagram, using this kit will give you a highlight that's just like hers. Ready to glow like a Kardashian? You bet you are!

4. Kylighter

Kylighter in French Vanilla, $22, Kylie Cosmetics

If you're looking for a BRIGHT white highlight to rock all fall and winter long, this French Vanilla shade from Kylie Cosmetics should do just the trick. Because — hey — Kim K isn't the only one in this family who knows a thing or two about highlighter, you know?

5. Holographic Powder Quad

You'll get all sorts of Ice Queen vibes from a frosty highlight quad like this one. You can use these powders on your cheek bones, eyes and entire body, so go on and glow like the cold weather goddess you are!

6. Highlight Stick

This stick is perfect for giving you glow on the go. You can easily toss this in a bag and take it wherever you go this season, and there's nothing better than a portable highlight, are we right?

7. Haloscope

Glossier always says using their haloscope highlighter will have you looking like a glazed donut — and that sounds pretty darn delicious (in more ways than one) to us.

Add any of these highlighters to your makeup bag and get your celeb-status glow on. We can't wait to be shinin', shinin, shinin, yeah.

Interested in copping even more celeb style for the fall season? Check out this piece about Beyonce's very seasonal outfit here and start shopping!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: beyonce/Instagram (1); kimkardashian/Instagram (1); badgalriri/Instagram (1); Courtesy Brands (7)

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