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Where To Buy Customized Name Necklaces

Recently we've been all about trying to find more jewelry pieces that could easily be incorporated in our wardrobe, on a daily basis. There is something so cool about spelling out something on your choker or necklace. It's not your typical monogram necklace either! And of course, the first thing we think of getting on our necklaces would be your name, a name of a loved one, or a fun phrase.

I came across a brand on Instagram, Frasier Sterling, that has a whole page on their website of customizable jewelry. The brand is well known by a few of your fav celebs: Gigi, Bella, and Kendall. Which made us what to look for even more!

Here is all the brands we found, for you have to choose from. Start thinking what you want on your customized necklace. And get to ordering, girl!

1. Frasier Sterling Jewelry

Star Crossed Lover Crystal Necklace, $100, Frasier Sterling

This is just one example of the customizable products on their sight. I think it's my favorite because of the little crystals. See more of their goodies here.

2. Bauble Bar

Script Nameplate, $135, Bauble Bar

This necklace is simple and you can choose various font options for your name.

3. Initial Obsession

Custom Name Choker, $149, Initial Obsession

This one is definitely inspired by Kim K's "Saint" necklace.

4. Brook & York

This one is a nice choker with a name plate. You have multiple color options, too! They are silver, gold, or rose gold.

Time to start customizing!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: frasiersterlingjewelry/instagram (1); Courtesy brands (5)

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