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The L & L Girls' Fave Bathing Suits Of The Moment

Bikini season, we are ready for you! If we could spend every moment in a bikini on a beach somewhere we would. One can never have too have bathing suits. So we decided to do a round-up of all the bikinis we've been seeing so far. We know there will be more to come in the next few months. But nothing is wrong being a little early to the bikini party.

We've seen a lot of off the shoulder bathing suits. That's a fun take on bathing suits and the current fashion trends. We've even seen bikinis with removable chokers. We love a good fashion trend and seeing how they are being translated into the swimsuit world.

It's time to stock up ladies. The more swimwear, the more options you have to sport by the pool/ocean. Get that SPF ready!!

1. Gingham Bardot Bikini Set

Boohoo Gingham Bardot Bikini Set, Top $17.50, Bottoms $14, ASOS

Just one example of the off-the-shoulder trend. And who doesn't love a gingham print.

2. Leopard Bikini Set

Leopard Tie Waist Bikini Set, Top $17.50, Bottoms $14, ASOS

You really can't go wrong with leopard print.

3. Palm Tree Print

Hawaii Palm Leaf Bikini Set, $38, Sincerely ALC

4. Sexy One Piece

Take Me To Cabo One Piece, $28, Sincerely ALC

The name of this bathing suit really says it all. Take us to Cabo please!

5. Lose My Number Suit

Lose My Number, $99, Shop Private Party

A cute suit with a little attitude, to match your springtime mood!

6. Avocado Print Bikini Set

Avocado Print Bikini Set, Top $17.90, Bottoms $12.50, Forever 21

We love guacamole, avocado toast, and avocado-printed bikinis.

7. Ivory One Piece

Bahamas One Piece Ivory, $159, Monday Swimwear

You can't go wrong with a good basic piece. You need a go-to swimwear piece that will fit in with any sunny festivity!

Well time to start ordering your new 2017 swimsuits!

We talked a lot about the off the shoulder trend, check out this post to: Make Sure These Flowy Tops Are In Your Spring Wardrobe.

--Labels and Lacquer Girls

Images: Courtesy brands (7); Wix (1)

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