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Peek Inside Our Spring Break Weekender Bag

While a tropical vacay or a Parisian getaway isn’t in our immediate future, we are still very much looking forward to taking a break this spring. We’ll still be lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun as much as we can — and we couldn’t be more ready for it!

So, now that the time for warmer weather has come, it’s time to talk about what’s in our weekenders this spring. Because whether you can jet off to somewhere far, far away or no, you deserve to take a weekend trip, at the very least.

This season we’re obsessed with easy-to-wear clothing, peachy pink beauty items and anything that promotes self care and relaxation, a good book, a portable hammock, a face mask — you name it.

So, take a peek inside our spring break bag. These are just a few items that we're excited about this vacation season, and once you've laid eyes on these items, you'll be inspired to take things easy, even if only for a couple of days. It’s been a long winter, so take it from us — you deserve this.

1. Romper

Dusty Orchid Playsuit, $42, Sabo Skirt

Not only is this romper super wearable, it's also totally cute. It's easy to slip on and take on your spring adventures in!

2. Creme Lipstick

This creamy lipstick glides on like a gloss, but won't get your hair all sticky when the breeze blows. So, it's perfect for spring break! It's just our speed, too. As easy as slick it on and go.

3. Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses with reflective lenses are retro and modern at the same time. So, they're the best to wear with any of your warm weather ensembles.

4. Bathing Suit

Wonderlust Bandeau, $128, Waisted Bottoms, $165; Prey Swim

Lace-up bikini? You'll be the most on-trend gal by the pool!

5. Sandals

Mont Blanc Sandal, $168, Free People

These are half boot, half sandal, which means you'll get double the wear out of them! They're basically the only pair of shoes you'll need to toss in your bag.

6. Face Mask

A face mask that's soothing and gentle will deliver the pampering you need this spring. If you happen to get sunburned, this will go easy on your sensitive skin. Perfect, huh?

7. Sunchaser Palette

A single palette that will deliver bronze color, peachy blush, and a bright highlight is the perfect thing to take on a vacation. Having all of these products in one container will make your life so much easier!

8. Perfect Fit Protein Powder

Perfect Fit Protein Powder will be the best accompaniment to all of your smoothies, pancake breakfasts and more this spring! Being happy and healthy is the goal this season, so make sure you add a little protein powder to a bunch of yummy recipes!

With these items on-hand, there's no way you could go wrong this season. All right, ladies! Here's to an easy, breezy vacation!

Images: Courtesy brands (8); Unsplash

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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