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Iced Coffees To Fit Your Every Mood

No matter how you're feeling today, iced coffee is always a good idea. These days Augusta and I are so busy we really do have to have coffee everyday. Not only does it keep us energized, but we also just enjoy taking 15-30 mins to slowly sip some caffeine for a little "me" time.

We happen to love iced coffee year round. But not it actually started to get to be iced coffee weather. Spring is right around the corner! So some would say it is appropriate to start drinking a cold beverage.

I started thinking of all the many moods some many of us throughout the day, maybe exhausted from staying up the night before and having to wake up and start work again. Maybe there is something to this idea of an iced coffee bettering your mood or at least complimenting it. Let's try this coffee experiment together.

1. Tired & Grumpy-Iced Cuban Coffee

Photo & Recipe Recipe via: Nestlé

This iced cuban coffee recipe is sure to brighten your mood. Cuban coffee is packed with a caffeine punch and usually sweetened with sweetened condensed milk. This recipe brews overnight to, to really soak in the ground coffee. You won't be tired for long after drinking this!

2. Peaceful- Cardamom Rose Iced Coffee

Photo & Recipe via: AHU Eats

Cardamom rose iced coffee with match your peaceful mood. Some of rose tea benefits include helping stress and anxiety and immune system boost. We're sure it's the same for rose coffee!

3. Happy- Milk & Honey Latte

Photo & Recipe via: Pinch Of Yum

You woke up feeling good or still feeling good after a long day? Well look no furthur than a milk and honey latte to keep the good vibes going. It's simple and to the point. The combo and milk and honey are just perfect.

4. Spring Fever-Iced Coconut Matcha Latte

Photo & Recipe via: Sprinkle of Green

This iced coconut matcha latte will have you feeling like you're on a tropical island somewhere feeling the warm breeze. Spring break here we come!

5. Need Dessert In The Middle Of The Day-Affogato

Photo & Recipe via: A Family Feast

This isn't exactly iced coffee. But it is coffee paired with something cold-ice-cream! When you have a bad day sometimes there is only two things to turn to ice-cream and coffee.

Iced coffees to all the different moods you could be in a day, we hope you enjoy them all!


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--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (5); DemiDeHerrera/Unsplash (1)

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