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Bubble Bath Mixology: What Type of Cocktails To Pair With Your Bubble Bath

One of my favorite things to do for L and L is to write about bubble baths. On almost every occasion I find a way to relate it back to bubble baths. Christmas time, summertime... yep there are bath posts on about it.

This time I was inspired to write about cocktails to match your bath of choice. In a way to find out What kind of bubble bather are you, if you will. Do you like your bath to be about fun scents or more about just relaxing with simple scents. For example like to soak with mint scented epsom salts, maybe a mint julep would accompany you in that case. That is just one example of this bath mixology post.

No matter what kind of tubber you are, there is really no wrong answer. Because you can't go wrong when cocktails and relaxing mix.

1. Mint Julep & Mint Bath Products

The Cocktail-Mint Julep

Photo and recipe via: The Food Network

A cool refreshing drink to sip on.

The Bath Product

Mint Julips, $10.95, Lush Cosmetics

After you cocktail is finished you can exfoliate with this mink ju(lips) lip scrub.

2. The Chocoholic

The Cocktail- German Chocolate Cake Martini

Photo and Recipe via: The Cookie Rookie

Life doesn't better than having a german chocolate cake in glass. Am I right?

The Bath Product

Cupcake Face Mask, $9.95, Lush Cosmetics

With you chocolate cocktail, you need to pair it with this cupcake face mask from Lush. The Labels and Lacquer girls have used these several times and we really recommend it. Not only does it smell like a chocolate cupcake, it makes your skin silky smooth.

3. The Pretending You're On A Tropical Vacation

The Cocktail- Piña Colada

Photo and Recipe via: Bon Appetit

Sometimes you just need to escape, even if it's just to have a tropical drink in your tub. We understand!

The Bath Product

I Love Juicy Shampoo, $9.95-$32.95, Lush Cosmetics

A shampoo that combines papaya, pineapple, and kiwi will wisp you away to an island somewhere.

Get the water started, it's time to take a bath!

Read about how to have the perfect bubble bath here.

Images: Courtesy blogs (3);Courtesy brands (3); Wix (1)

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