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All The Snacks You Need To Entertain With This Award Show Season

Award Season is among us. The Golden Globes have come and gone already. The fashion was amazing. Our favorite was of course our girl Emma Stone starring in La La Land, see our round-up of star inspired pieces here. Our favorite part of the award shows is the red carpet. But we do like celebrating all the nominees and playing along with who we think is going to win. Coming up next is the SAG awards. There are several more shows in between then the big tickets shows- The Oscars and the Grammys.

We love to entertain. And give us a theme-we are all over it! So we wanted to do a round up of snacks you could serve to your guests if they come over to watch the award shows with you!

We stuck to a theme of movie snacks for award show parties. Pop that popcorn and get ready to prepare for your next themed get together. It doesn’t matter who wins the awards, because you will definitely be a winner to your guests!

1. Brown Butter Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting & Popcorn

Image and Recipe via: A Cookie Named Desire

2. Edible Gold Glitter Doughnuts

Image and Recipe via: Dreaming In Pink Boutique

Edible glitter?!! These doughnuts are ready for their close up!

3. Tuxedo Crackers

Image and Recipe via: Kitchen Mason

These crackers are in their black tie attire. How cute and delicious!

4. Popcorn Bar

With this option your guests can fix their own snack bag. Then they will be able to pick all their fave movie snacks for the ultimate viewing experience!

5. Pretzel Bites

Image and Recipe via: Two Peas & Their Pod

This one I think is a good movie snack. But also... warm pretzel bites are always a good idea.

6. Sweet 'n' Salty Caramel Popcorn Shake

Image and Recipe via: Honest Cooking

This milkshake looks so yummy! Perfect to sip while your seeing the winners walk across the stage. The blog where we found this image suggests adding bourbon too.

Enjoy your night and movie snack themed treats!!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy blogs (6)

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