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Unique Hot Cocoa Recipes To Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Now that Christmas is over, we are already missing the holiday! But it is finally just now reaching the winter season technically. Winter season to the Labels and Lacquer girls it means-hot cocoa season!

Last month we featured several Christmas-y post, like Christmas inspired lattes for example. But now we are ready to feature unique hot chocolate recipes. They are perfect to drink through the colder months during the beginning of 2017. So don’t be sad that Christmas is over! You can still find ways to enjoy this season and stay cozy all winter long.

We found fun cocoa recipes like for example, unicorn hot chocolate. And yes the unicorn hot chocolate is pink and magical, just like it sounds. (Keep scrolling!)

We love the act of drinking hot beverages; chatting and having girl talk anytime of the year. Enjoy these fun takes on the classic winter drink.

1. Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Recipe and Image via: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

This cocoa has sprinkles, marshmallows, and an overload of fun.

2. Strawberry Hot Chocolate

Recipe and Image via: Two Peas & Their Pod

A drink that taste like a chocolate covered strawberry is just what we need right about now!

3. Lavender Hot Chocolate

Recipe and Image via: A La Mode

This is a really unique take on hot cocoa. Augusta has gotten a lavender latte before. But we have never a lavander hot chocolate.

4. Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate

Recipe and Image via: Sweet Recipeas

Okay yummy! We love anything with oreos.

5. Cookie Dough Cocoa

Recipe and Image via: Betty Crocker

This recipe is from Betty Crocker. You can never go wrong with Betty's guidance. Cookie dough is debatably my favorite flavor, so I can not wait to try this!

6. Hot Vanilla

Recipe and Image via: Recipes That Crock

This cocoa has taken the classic we know and love and truly flipped it on its head. We'll take hot vanilla by the fireplace anytime!

Hot chocolate for all! Year around!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Wix (1); Courtesy blogs (6)

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