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Peep What's Inside ColourPop's Top Secret Bag

ColourPop has a way of surprising its fans, and that’s why it pays to be a customer of this cosmetics company. If you love quality makeup at an affordable price point and unexpected product releases, then this is the makeup brand for you.

Naturally, when ColourPop decided to go and drop a Top Secret Mystery bag, the Labels and Lacquer girls couldn’t resist a purchase. The bag sold out in just four minutes, so the fact that we were able to get our hands on it was pretty incredible.

The bag held $80 worth of product and retailed for only $20. Even though we weren’t sure exactly what the bag would hold inside, we couldn’t not purchase it. That just wasn’t an option.

The package arrived in the mail a few days later, but we decided to wait until Christmas to open it up. Let me tell you — waiting about a week to tear into it was no easy feat, but, boy, was it well worth the wait!

When we finally ripped into the box, we found some amazing goodies inside. There were three single shadows, the ColourPop original Eye Shadow Brushes, five lippies, two highlights and the not-yet-released ColourPop X Amanda Steele Eye Shadow Palette. Yep! We got ahold of the first-ever palette from the brand before it ever launched on the site!

Not bad, right?

The unboxing.

We couldn’t have dreamed of a better Christmas present.

This package was full of gorgeous colors.



The hardest part was deciding how we were going to share these products.

Darby got away with three different lip items: Tulle, Bestie and Tight Fit. She also kept the 8 Track Eye Shadow and the Wisp highlighter.

I was able to keep the Wink lippie, the Limbo lippie. I chose the Seeker shadow, Koosh shadow and the Spoon highlighter, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my selections.

We’re still deciding who will walk away with the Weekend Warrior palette because these shades are unreal. No matter which of us gets to keep it, we’re in for a major glam moment.

ColourPop really did it this time. Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on this exact bag, but the brand’s promised to do something like this again. So, keep your eyes peeled for another Top Secret Bag to appear again.

And when it does, take our word for it. Don’t hesitate, just buy. It’ll definitely be worth it!

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