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Where To Cop Kim's Lace-Up Choker Look

Kim Kardashian... What would we do without you? This girl is known to sport choker necklaces from time to time. We love each one, but she is really on to something with this lace-up look. We found while scrolling on Instagram a store that sells a necklace that looks EXACTLY like Kim's.

The L & L girls are here to help you stay stylish and keep up with the Kardashians. The name of the website where you can copy Kim K's look is Shari Benjamin. The choker comes in nude and black. And the necklace is only $29.95. We think that is a small price to pay to be rocking a Kardashian-approved neck piece. While you're there take a look around the site for several cute pieces (mostly evening wear) that you could be just the new additions to your closet.

The wife of Pablo would want you to buy this necklace, keep scrolling to buy this bad boy!

1. Black Lace-Up Choker

Black Kim K Inspired Choker, $29,95, Shari Benjamin

It is scary how identical these necklaces look, right?

2. Nude Lace-Up Choker

Nude Kim K Inspired Choker, $29.95, Shari Benjamin

Oooh we are loving the necklace in nude too!

3. Brown Lace-Up Choker

Criss Cross Choker, $30, Anarchy Street

And if you want a necklace with major fall vibes, you'll go with this brown one from Anarchy Street. Kimmy would definitely approve! Use code AUGUSTA20 to get a 20% discount at checkout!!

Get yours today!


The Labels and Lacquer girls, plus Kim and Kendall!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: Courtesy Shari Benjamin (3), sharibenjamin/instagram (1); Courtesy Anarchy Street (1)

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