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All The Fuzzy Pieces You Need For Your Your Closet This Spring

The Labels and Lacquer girls are loving all things fuzzy. Fuzzy sweaters, shoes, bags, you name it we want it. I love when you can have fun with fashion. With fuzzy pieces thats exactly what you can do. These piece scream playful. They are so cozy and soft, making them fun and comfortable.

Since it's almost spring time, we wanted to research the best lightweight furry peices to wear the upcoming warmer weather. From fuzzy sandals to lightweight fuzzy cardiagans we searched the Internet for pastel spring bound furry pieces.

1. Sandals

Feather trimmed sandals, it doesn't get any better than that.

2. Fuzzy Cardigan

Fuzzy Eyelash Knit Cardigan, $13.99, Forever 21

Lightweight fuzzy dreams.

3. Fuzzy Top

Fuzzy Knit Top, $19.80, Forever 21

I like that this top is short sleeved, perfect for spring! And it's just the right amount of fuzzy!

4. Furry Bag

Fur Of The Moment Bag, $34, Nasty Gal

Ugh how cute is this?! I want it like now!

5. Graphic Sweaters

Meh Graphic Sweater, $27.90, Forever 21

I definitely don't feel meh about this sweater. I could see wearing this a Monday!

We are ready for you spring, with all the light fuzzies we could ever need!

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