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Be A Supermodel For A Day By Living Like Kendall Jenner

Oh to be Kendall Jenner. Vogue released a video last week of a day in the life being Kendall Jenner. Running around being a model, her life is never boring. Whether she's shaving her legs in a car jumping from fashion show to fashion show or playing dress up with Gigi Hadid, Kendall is always on go living quite fabulously.

This video gave us life! We decided to pick our some of favorite parts of the video that could be recreated so everyone could live one day like a super model. We had no problem watching this video over and over again studying every move Kendall Jenner made during NYFW to find out exactly how we could also have live life like Kendall.

Join us and follow along- be a high fashion model for a day, come on you know you want to!

1. Take a Bubble Bath

Towards the beginning of the video, Kendall is taking a nice enjoying bubble bath. And I mean model or not, a bubble bath is a great way to start your day.

2. Wear A Fabulous Fur Coat

She is seen in fur coat several times throughout the video. A fashionable faux fur coat is a staple for living the model life. So chic!

3. Wear Blue Eye Shadow

Try rocking bold eyeshadow, like Kendall does getting ready for a show. Okay, she is getting ready for a runway show. But try a less severe blue eyeliner and make the world your runway.

4. Eat Pancakes

In the words of Kendall Jenner “Modeling is such a sport.” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all, eat the pancakes.

5. Play A Game of Dress Up With Your BFF

Grab your BFF and channel KenGi to have the ultimate slumber party and try on the best of the bests from your closet. She can open and you can close it (well, the fashion show of course)!

6. Powerful High Pony

Kendall is known to wear a high pony from time to time, so you should try it too!

7. Eat McDonalds in Thigh High Boots

Kim may not be the one delivering the food, but we can all eat McDonalds in thigh high boots.

8. Finish Your Day with A Face Mask

You will have had a busy day being a model, so have a little “me time” at the end the day with a relaxing face mask.

Good night! Its been fun pretending to have a model’s life. Thank you Vogue and thank you Kendall Jenner!

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