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Kardashian Inspired Home Goods

Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim are style icons. We thought it would be fun to pair home goods with each of the girls and their personalities. Each one has their own unique style, and that translates beyond their fashion.

For Kim, the pieces we chose were definitely influenced by her hubby, Kanye. The first is piece is a faux floral wall, like the ones he is known for giving to Kim. Yes you know the ones, the backdrop at their wedding or her first mother's day gift?!

For Kourtney and Khloe's pieces we looked at their latest spread in Architectural Digest. Both homes are amazing, but they are decorated very different. We wanted to highlight pieces in each of the girl's home, so you can have similar pieces in yours.

WWTKD? What Would The Kardashians Do - Life Motto!


1. Kanye Inspired Floral Wall

Faux Flower Wall, $95.20, Pier 1

Kanye is known for gifting Kim with these gorgeous flower walls. It was even a backdrop for their wedding, how sweet! This faux flower wall can channel a little Kim K into your own home. Throw this up over your desk and be a total girl boss like Kim.

2. *Sips Tea* Mug

Coffee Mug, $15, Etsy

After all the Amber Rose and Kanye drama, Kim and Amber took selfies together. If that isn't a case for the frog and tea cup emoji, I don't know what is.


3. Khloe's Ottoman

Ottoman, $199.99, Target

Khloe has a beautiful home. This ottoman is very similar to the one Khloe has in her living room. Plus an added bonus, it's actually affortable.

4. Khlo's Media Room Blanket

Faux Fur Blanket, $44, Etsy

Grab this blanket for your own home theater. Okay, so we many not all have a home theater, but this would be a great addition to your living room or bedroom!


5. Kourtney's Office

Meow Meow Meow, $24-$70,

Kourtney is known for her interior designing skills and it you know why after looking at her home. Her office is #officegoals. The L and L girls want it! We chose this Catwoman print to kind of match the vibe of her artwork in her office. She has several black and white photos and then pops of color. So the Catwoman mixes the colorful and the image of the Batman.

6. Light Up Sign

Ice Cream Neon Light, $99.99

The "Love Me" sign is up in Penelope's bedroom. We loved the sign and thought this neon ice-cream lamp would be approvened by Kourt.

Get get decorating with the Kardashians as your inspo!

Images: kimkardashian/instagram; Architectural Digest (4); Courtesy brands (6); Wix (1)

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