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Chocolate Wine Is The Best Of Both Worlds This Valentine's Day

Have your chocolate and drink it, too, this Valentine’s Day— in the form of wine. You heard me. Chocolate wine exists, so why wouldn’t you want to drink it on the day that’s all about love and more importantly, chocolate. As much as you love V-Day and what it symbolizes, you also love wine and rich cocoa flavor, right? Absolutely.

You’ll never have to have your wine and chocolate separate from each other again, if you don’t want to. And why would you? Because wine and chocolate are just better together, especially on the glorious day of celebrating love.

Since there’s nothing the Labels & Lacquer girls love more than chocolate and wine, check out a few different options for combining the two for the best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had.

1. Dark Chocolate Wine

Dark Red ChcolatRouge wine is just the kind of thing you need if you're more of a dark choclate kind of girl. This wine has hints of dark cherry and deep, rich cocoa flavors. Consider this the liquid version of a chocolate covered cherry.

2. Milk Chocolate Wine

3. Whipped Cream Chocolate Wine

Whipped Cream ChocoVine is even more creamy than the milk chocolate version. This one has plenty of choclatey flavor along with a hint of vanilla.

4. Raspberry Chocolate Wine

Raspberry ChocoVine combines tart and sweet in just the right way. Ripe berries and chocolate combining into wine? We'll take a couple (dozen) bottles, please.

There's bound to be a wine (or four) to suit your fancy in this bunch. There definitely are for us! Oh, chocolate wine, would you be our Valentine?

--Lables and Lacuquer girls

Images: Wix (1); Courtesy Brands (4)

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