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How The Labels & Lacquer Girls Style Those New Christmas Clothes

The Labels and Lacquer girls had an amazing Christmas, and we’re hoping yours was just as fantastic as ours. With each other in charge of playing the role of Santa’s helpers, we each got exactly what we wanted on our wishlists. That, of course, included lots (and lots) of clothing, and we were super excited to wear each and every one of our new pieces.

For our first post-Christmas outing, we took our new clothes out for a spin. See how each of us styled our new pieces. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to wear your new attire in similar ways. Thank goodness for Christmas goodies, you know?

Augusta’s Southern Chic OOTD

Ok, so yes, it is the end of December in this photo, but it’s still hot down south, y’all. So, this isn’t how I’d style this look for real winter weather, but when in the south— do what the southerners do.

This plaid dress was a surprise gift, but I absolutely love how fitting it is for any time of the year and, naturally, how southern it is. Plaid just screams country to me, but this dress makes the pattern so chic. These brown boots were on my list of things I wanted, and I’m so happy I got them. I paired these simple boots with this look, and even though they aren’t cowboy boots, they still have a southern flair.

Darby's Parisian Inspired OOTD

I wore a mock turtleneck sweatshirt with the words "comme ci" on the front and the words "comme ca" on the back from Forever 21 . In French, when someone asks "Ca va?" (How are you) a response could be "comme ci comme ca," which means that you're doing pretty well or so, so. Augusta and I love anything French, and I was so excited to get this sweatshirt this Christmas! How chic?!

I paired the skirt with a black high waisted skirt and metallic oxfords. As Augusta said earlier, it was Decemeber in the south, and it was especially hot this year. So, no tights were needed!

I loved all my Christmas goodies this year, and it was great getting to use our new pink poloraid camera to take our OOTDs pics! It's so much fun to snap the picture and then shake the film as the photo develops. Let's just say we can't wait to do more #OOTDs shoots were our handy dandy polaroid camera!

We love each little piece Santa got for us this year, more importantly we loved spending time together in our new gifts. We hope everyone has a great start to the New Year and that our outfits can inspire you next OOTD!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: L & L Originals

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