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Quick And Easy Cherry Muffins For A Delicious Breakfast

Sometimes you just need a fresh batch of muffins for breakfast, you know? You just can’t beat muffins and a cup of tea, or at least that’s what I decided the other morning when I baked some cherry jam-filled muffins. It’s definitely a decision I don’t regret because it proved to be a great start to my day. Darby’s the baker in the family, but these muffins were super easy to whip up, and if I could handle making them without ruining them, then so can you!

I found this recipe online that I followed, and to get the jam filled center, I just put a dollop of Bonne Manman jam in the center of each muffin and threw them in the oven. The recipe tells you how to make your own jam, but Bonne Manman is just as good, in my opinion. I already had all of the ingredients for the batter, so it really didn’t require anything out of the ordinary, and I’m all about baking the doesn’t require much prep work.

If you’re looking for an easy and delicious way to enjoy breakfast (like I was), follow this recipe and be on your way to muffin-y goodness. See the pictures of how mine turned out, and start planning tomorrow’s breakfast! Set an alarm for the morning, then get in the kitchen and start baking. It’s totally worth it!

Enjoy your yummy breakfast!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

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