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Back-To-School Chic OOTD

A few days ago we posted a back-to-school chic look to Instagram, and now I’m going to break down the outfit piece by piece so that you can get the look for yourself. Now that fall is upon us (which for some also means it’s time to go back to school), it’s high time we start that transitional dressing phase. That’s why I chose to pair a sleeveless wool top with rolled up jeans and a pair of oxfords. It was the perfect thing to wear since the weather is in an in-between phase when it’s not too hot or too cold just yet.

The top happens to be from Madewell, and I must say that I just love everything about it. I love the texture, the color, its two front pockets and how it can be mixed and matched, making it easy to layer. The jeans are some of my favs and they actually came from a thrift shop. They’re technically men’s Levi’s, and they only cost me $4. An excellent purchase, if I do say so myself. As for the amazing wine colored loafers— those were a gift from Darby from Forever 21. Top all of that off with a crossbody from Madewell, and the outfit is complete.

With all of that paired together you get a geek-chic kind of look that great this time of year. Because looking fashionably studious is always in— whether you’re actually a student or not. I’m always willing to learn. Especially about fashion, you know?

1. The Top

Merino Ribbed Sweatet-Vest, $69.50, Madewell

2. The Pants

Boyfriend Jeans, $88, Levi's

3. The Shoes

Faux Patent Leather Oxfords, $34.90, Forever 21

4. The Bag

All together:

Images: Courtesy Brands (4), Dario Ortega (2)

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