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5 Fresh Ways To Style A Button-Down

A button-down shirt is the ultimate classic fashion statement. And if you want to wear it all of the time, you can because it’s super versatile. Your look can go from professional to ultra cool if you use these styling tips the next time you wear your trusty button-down. Shop these five ways to style your button down with!

Bandit Distressed Cut-off Shorts, Saks Fifth Avenue, $125

Denim cut-offs are super edgy and super in at the moment. Throw a button-down on with a pair of these, and you’ve got the ultimate lazy girl chic vibe, which is exactly what you were going for, of course.

Fringe-Trim Silk Wrap Silk Wrap Skirt, Saks Fifth Avenue, $139

Mini skirts are great because they can easily transition into fall, especially if you style it with a long-sleeved button-down. Seems like you just got an idea for your fall wardrobe, huh?

Buttoned High-Slit Maxi Skirt, Forever 21, $17.90

Longer skirts are also great as we move into cooler weather. You can make wearing a maxi skirt with a button-down as casual or as dressy as you’d like, so mix it up and have some fun with it!

Women's High Rise Twill Shorts, $15

Longline shorts that stick close to the body are great to pair with a button-down because you keep the look classic, but still with an edgy androgynous feeling, you know? I swear, you'll look so cool!

Jogger Pants, Gap, $59.95

Styling a great pair of jogger pants with a button-down gives off that sporty chic kind of feel that’s so in right now.

Use these tips to keep your button-down game super fresh. If you’re interested, you can even shop these exact pieces! Get to shopping, and never wear your button-down in a boring way again.

Images: Courtesy brands (5); Polyvore: (1)

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