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Jade from the Bachelor Started Her Own Makeup Line, Naturally Jade

The Labels and Lacquer girls are definitely part of #BachelorNation. By the way, we very happy with the next Bachelor choice… Ben H! We have been loyal fans and have been watching Bachelor in Paradise every Sunday and Monday night. We are team Tanner and Jade. And if you’ve been watching too, you know how cute Tanner and Jade are together. Last episode they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend! (Awwwwwww!)

We saw Jade had her on makeup line when we watched her chat with Chris’s sisters when she was on the Bachelor. (Yes, we remember things like that) So we decided to do some more research on it since we are loving her in Bachelor in Paradise right now. She is a great friend to all the girls in the house and her and Tanner are #relationshipgoals.

Her makeup line is called Naturally Jade Cosmetics, such a cute name. Naturally Jade is organic and it only uses natural ingredients to make all of the products. And the best part of Naturally Jade is a $1 of all sales goes to a foundation financially assisting women diagnosed with cancer to make a direct impact in their lives.

Right now the website only has lip glosses. But everyone needs more lipgloss. And we love all the colors she has. Shop her lip glosses here.

$17.99, Naturally Jade Cosmetics

Red lips are so classic.

$17.99, Naturally Jade Cosmetics

Ah, I love a pink lip!

$17.99, Naurally Jade Cosmetics

This coraly/pink color just looks like you would be ready for a fun night on the town with this on your lips.

Get all three shades of the lipgloss! Why not, get all three to fit all of your many moods!

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