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Nicky Hilton Helps You Master The Perfect Cat Eye With the #NickyxSmashbox Collab

Mastering the perfect cat eyes is the ultimate makeup coup. Cat eyes make a statement, but they aren't the easiest things in the world to do. I can get one side to look perfect, and when it comes to the second eye I can’t make it look like my other flawless eye. So this process can be frustrating but when it's done right, it is definitely worth it! Nicky Hilton recently collaborated with Smashbox Cosmetics to create three Cat Eye sets. So um, I’ll take on of each, please and thank you. The three kits include: L.A. natural Cat Eye, NY Classic Cat Eye, and London Colorful Graphic Cat Eyes. This is perfect, a kit to match all of your vibes. Some days you may want to be more laid back and feel like a total LA beach girl or other days the classic New York cat eyes will be great to pair with your all black outfit.

Nicky Hilton built these kits based on her favorite three destinations. I like to think Nicky and I have a lot in common, so I can see myself having those three cities as my favorite, too. Except, add Paris to the list (and yes, I'm talking about the city here, guys, not the other fabulous Hilton sister)!

Each kit comes with:

  • an eye shadow

  • a pure pigment gel liner

  • full exposure mascara

  • a pretty kitty bag, of course what else would you carry all your cat eye supplies in?!

Shop this fun collaboration now and make sure to think about which cat eye is really you, or get one of each for all your different moods. You’ll be one step closer to having your makeup like the Hilton fam and having purr-fect cat eyes!

--Labels and Lacquer girls

Images: hiltonworld/instagram (1); Smashbox Cosmetics: (1)

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